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“Naples in the Sun”

Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Beach Resort, Naples Market, Real Estate |

There are people who would seriously argue and try to persuade you that Naples in Florida is the best place to live. And they have some pretty good reasons for that.

“Naples in the Sun” is a blog designed to present you Naples with all of its riches and benefits, so as the real estates in it and the possibilities you have if you’re considering moving to Naples or buying a second home.

Florida is full of amazing cities and places, but there are some attributes when living in Naples which beat living in any other place in Florida. Whether you choose the Gulf Coast or the East Coast of Florida.

The name of the blog “Naples in the sun” is not there by chance. Beaches, especially those white sandy beaches are one of the trademarks of Naples. When reading one of those, frequently made, lists of the best beaches across the globe, be sure you’ll find Naples beachfront among top ten.

Safety of the town is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a real estate, especially for those who are planning to move there with the whole family. Compared to Florida in general, so as to national average, Naples has the lowest crime rate, including violent and property crimes, but at the same time the highest number of police officers per resident. Statistics are pretty assuring that you, your family and your bough house are going to be quite safe around here.

The beauty of Naples beaches, greenery and architecture is appreciated by everyone, including government, thus the city has strict regulations on signs and buildings. If you purchase a house in Old Naples, you will not be surrounded by overbearing buildings that block your priceless view.

You will realize the exact value of those regulations right before sunsets. Sunsets in Naples are the chance to witness stunning miracles of nature such as sun setting on the Gulf.

Residents of Naples frequently use the word “pristine” to describe their city to some outsider. Literary translated it means “clean”. And it really suits Naples best. This is the city with neat streets, clean and maintained beaches, low crime rate, subtle signs, moderate building…And resindents very aware of the importance to keep it that way.

Cozy weather, plenty activities to occupy you outdoors, golf and fishing as a lifestyle and numerous great restaurants and night clubs. Everything you need to make your everyday’s life comfortable is right there.

The core, historical and cultural essence of the city is so called Old Naples. Among representatives of the modern Naples’ lifestyle you will come across historic cottages and several monuments dating to beginning of the 20th century.

The city described as clean, friendly, comfortable, stress free, safe, cultured and attractive sounds like and it really is a perfect idea to buy second home, move to or choose as a retirement location.

“Naples in the Sun” offers you home search and thousands of examples and possibilities to choose for your future real estate. Depending on your wishes, finances and other circumstances you may choose luxury real estate, commercial real estates or residential real estates on the waterfront, near the beach and many others.

Explore thousands of listed offers, we are sure you’ll fall in love literally at the first site.


Posted by on Mar 10, 2016 in Beach Resort, Naples Market, Real Estate |

  Having a home by a lovely sandy beach and enjoying the warm weather is something we all dream off, but not a lot of us are capable of making this dream a reality. Due to various circumstances we are stuck in our apartments and we can only look at those sun drenched beaches on the television screen or go on a vacation once a year. However, not all of us are at this position, and some people can afford living in such an area. For example, people who buy homes in Naples, Florida, especially in the most popular neighborhoods such as the Old Naples or Moorings, are the ones who are usually very successful in what they do for living and they have large buying power.

            Even if that was not enough, most experts are predicting that the prices of homes in greater Naples area are going to grow in a very fast rate. The popularity of this little place, which has only 20.000 permanent residents, is amazing and real estate market in Naples is currently enjoying a real upswing. According to some members of NABOR, Naples Area Board of Realtors, who held their annual Economic Summit in 2015 at the attractive Naples Grande Beach Resort, there is going to be even more growth in the following years and the business is going to get better and better. They are basing their optimism on the fact that real estate prices are rising all over the country, and that this national trend is also affecting local areas, such as Southwest Florida. The global economic stability and rise in economic power means that Florida will also see better days very soon.


As Naples is a place which mostly focuses on tourism, this branch is especially important to authorities of this place. They are doing all they can to lift the standards of life in their city, and it seems that they are doing a very good job since Naples was recently named as on of America’s 10 Best Undervalued Places To Live. However, a lot of people who have their homes here are transients and they are second-home owners here, which means that they live in Naples generally over the winter months, The list with names is very long, but we can perhaps mention Bill Gates, Donald Trump, Buzz Aldrin or Larry Bird, and they are just some of the names who own a house here.

             If you hire our Central Park South real estate team you can get all necessary information about Naples, and you can see why this city benefits so much from its favorable geographic location. Calm waters of the Gulf of Mexico and abundance of sunny days are perfect attraction for tourists, but the Everglades are very near and this area also attracts many people. Because of this location and because of the constant growth in population, average price per square foot of real estate in Naples is $167, which is an increase of almost 14% compared to the previous year.